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The Push is the art group born out of urgency during this desperate time for AAPI(Asian American Pacific Islander) groups.

Our Team

Jim Xu, Director & Founder

Jim is a Chinese Painter/Illustrator/Tattoo Artist based in New York. He founded The Push during the desperate time when AAPI communities are being brutalized all across America. He believes artists need to shoulder their own share of responsibilities to push this society forward.

Johaan Abraham, Communications Director

A recent college graduate, Johaan is a digital media researcher, consultant, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York.  He is passionate about the potential of various forms of media work as vehicles for storytelling and building understanding; which informs his approach directing communications for The Push’s various assets.

Nana Tejapaibul, Design Director

Nana is Bangkok-born and New York-based graphic designer. She’s currently working as a designer at a creative agency and a creative director at the Push. She hopes to use her design to bring awareness to AAPI hate and support the community

Jaenee Lee, Promotion & Marketing Director

Jaenee is a Digital Media Creator, Marketing Director, and Creative Artist based in Los Angeles, CA. She manages all the promotional and marketing strategies for The Push. She’s so thankful to be a part of this passionate group and strongly believes that art can speak powerful feelings beyond just words. Art will play an integral part during this movement and in support of the AAPI community. 

Mai Tejapaibul, Community & Media Outreach Director

Mai is an aspiring Thai writer and video producer based in Brooklyn, New York. 2020 and 2021 have been devastating for the AAPI community, especially in big cities like New York and Oakland. she believes it is time to take the issue into our hands and start a conversation to fix this problem instead of waiting for politicians to play partisan politics.