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Los Angeles, USA
2021, 36” x 48”

I am a South Korean artist who grew up in California. Growing up as an Asian in a non-Asain country was difficult for me to fit in right away. The language barrier, the difference in the looks, being the minority, and the difference in culture in general almost made me feel like I am a clown in this country. Now that I think about it, there were usually no negative intentions to insult me or offend me in any way. However, I was little, and that was how I felt during that time. When people started laughing, I thought they were making fun of me and it was pretty frightening. Something was piercing my heart and started making me feel like I am bleeding.

This piece was referenced from my experience, and to monumentalize my own struggle in the past as I overcome it today. Winning my own struggle as an Asian made me feel like a hero myself, and to draw this as if nothing happened gave me more confidence.