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Mureung Dowon

New York, USA
2020, 24” x 29”
Korean Hanji paper, Korean watercolor

Mureung Dowon (武陵桃源) means peaceful and quiet ideal utopia in Asian countries. Asian heroism is an ideal power; yet as a minority, it feels far from reality. However, the destination is stunning and unbelievably beautiful. Through depicting the beauty of Mureung Dowon, I emphasized the true energy of Asian heroism. Although it might seem detached from our daily lives, we can arrive at the destination if people gather and each one of us shines at their position. I used traditional Korean art materials and applied the sumuk painting strategy (水墨畫) in the nontraditional method. Minimal use of visual elements emphasizes the phrase “real power comes from the inside.” We don’t need to act strong because our true strength comes from our inner self. As a Korean-American, I situate my work in the hyphen between the Korean and the American, in that liminal space between two equally inadequate identities.