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2021, 70” x 98”
Digital Medium

Salyaparwa, a heroic story from the Mahabharata about the great Mahabharata war (western civil war) in the epic story about Bima from the Pandava family with Duryudhana from the Kurawa family (Kuru) where these 2 families fought each other in the Kurukshetra Battlefield, to fight over the ancestral land themselves, where Bima in this story defeated Duryodhana in the last war and finally the Pandavas were able to reclaim the Kingdom which had become an agreement in this great war, although there was a bit of confusion in this last victory Bima because there was a cunning trick Bima defeated Duryodhana by hitting the club. Duryodhana’s legs, where the rules in this club war are not allowed to hit the part from the waist down, but this is what war can happen in war because Duryodhana cannot be defeated if he is hit on the upper part of the body, the only weakness is in Duryodhana’s legs. So can this war be called heroic or just manipulation, just to get a right to life, yes a heroic war kills or is killed, just as in life kills or is killed in a right to life.