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Alice In Wonderland
Syracuse, NY, USA
2020, 9” x 16”

This is an illustration assignment for a children's picture book. The concept is to use a completely different culture to interpret the classic children’s literary work "Alice in Wonderland ''. My design concept is to use Tang Dynasty cultural elements to redesign the story of Alice, so in this work I researched and adopted a lot of Chinese cultural elements. This scene describes Alice encountering the Cheshire cat in her sleep, and Mr. Rabbit is beside her. Hoping to present a brand-new Chinese style Alice’s adventure world.

I have always believed that illustration art is an artist’s expression of his own emotions. The most important thing for artistic expression is to face one’s heart honestly. My mission statement is about expressing the truest heart in my art. I have always been interested in the way humans communicate in the future. I believe that Illustration art is one kind of visual language that can help humans communicate in the future. The image language has more intuitive power than words. No matter where we come from, how different cultural backgrounds we have, we can still communicate through visual language. Breaking down the barriers of cultural geography to communicate with people all over the world is my art mission statement.

I also hope to explore this world through my art. I never think that illustration art is just making beautiful images. My higher goal for illustration art is to explore a new way of understanding the world. From ancient times to the present, artists of different art genres have been actively exploring new ways of understanding the world. I hope that I can also develop another new art genre in the future. I also think that in fact, all disciplines in the world are interlinked. Mathematics and physics are the most basic subject knowledge about the composition of the universe, and art and philosophy are the ultimate secrets related to the origin of the human universe. I hope that my art can bridge the gap between different disciplines, to explore the ultimate mystery of the universe or the origin of our humans.