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Street Performer

2021, 10.5” x 10.6”

The year of 2020 has been a struggle for asian communities due to the covid-19 situation. Asians from all over the world have been targeted, hated on and even physically assaulted. In my opinion, heros are made from chaotic circumstances like this; anyone who stand up against inequality, hatreds, discrimination and fight for their community’s rights can call themselves a hero.

My artwork is expressing an asian rapper performing in the busy streets of New York, and the collage-like background represents the chaotic and diverse world we live in. The rapper is freestyling about the violence and inequality asian communities are facing at that moment in front of the public in a unique and recognizable way. With us minorities being criticized and targeted with limited voice to defend ourselves. I see this rapper is not only a street performer but also a social practice artist and a hero who dares to stand tall in front of everyone, speaking his voice trying to protect his community and family.