× Be Your Own Hero About The Push Manifesto Signature


2021, 9” x 12”
Watercolor, Ink

Growing up as a kid, I did not have a hero.The closest superheroes that existed in my head were Superman and Spiderman. In real life, they don't exist. The only person who can save me, is ME. Hence, resilience and courage are the two things, I wanted to highlight in this piece. This topic 'Being your own Hero' is not just about physical act of strength, it is the courage to keep standing up for yourself and others around you despite fear. Keep moving forward no matter how life puts you down.

Words carry energy. Hence, I used brush lettering art and colors to express the message, using warm tones of red and bronze to represent boldness, courage and feisty. Surrounding the words are water-like elements, because I believe in being soft and flexible like water. It's the yin and yang. Even water is soft when they are abundant, it can carve mountains (which turns to rivers). We can be strong and soft at the same time. Grace and strength.