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Her Journey To The West
Los Angeles, USA
2021, 72” x 60”
Acrylic, Oil, Pastel on canvas

My sister is my hero. She came to the US when she was only two where she met my parents for the first time since she was born, they immigrated here right after she was born in China, she was raised by my grandparents. Here is a portrait of my sister right before she went on her journey to the west. She is being held by my grandmother on the right and my great aunt to the left. Three powerful women that represent what a hero is to me. They occupy an abstract space, a sunset, a space of transition. In the sunset sits a drawing of the story of the monkey king "Journey to the west" , a personal childhood hero of mine. The hero takes on many forms in this painting, my sister, my grandmother, my great aunt, they become the monkey king on our journey to the west.