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The Push was founded at a time when AAPI elders are being senselessly PUSHED to the ground, and our community is being PUSHED to the edge of society. This isn’t the first time injustice has been committed against the AAPI community, but our group aims to help tackle this issue through art.

Throughout history, art PUSHES societies forward, and our group aims to use art to PUSH society to embrace the lives and stories of AAPI groups, and restore respect through understanding. 

The Push welcomes 2D and 3D art that represents an honest reaction to the violence and brutality toward AAPI groups – work that is startling, fierce, grotesque, and passionate. This is the time we unite and push our communities forward. Pick up your pens, pencils, and paintbrushes. Document with creativity. Fight the violence not with retaliation but with art.

If you feel the same way, join us in this cause.

You don’t need to be an artist to contribute, any support is greatly appreciated –– we welcome support from all communities because we are all in this together!