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Seize The Day-Carpe Diem
2021, 39.4” x 31.5”
Mixed media on Canvas

I focus on the continuous relationship between space and subject change.  The flow of feelings and thoughts as an architect in the past that I experienced in a dynamic space and a static void space continues to be connected and proceeds continuously while working on paintings now.

In my work, color and form are continuously overlapped.  In my paintings, the overlapping meaning is temporality, spatiality, physical reality, the empty essence of the past that cannot be grasped, and the present hope.  The things that are transparent, delicate, and weak are the illusions of the past and the organisms that make the present stronger.  In the space, colors and shapes are separated, overlapped, mixed and combined with each other, taking a different look from the original essence.

The subtle emotions and memories felt in the three-dimensional material space are piled up and condensed on the two-dimensional paper and canvas to show the changing eternity.