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Attain Stability In Awareness
2021, 39.37” x 11.81”
Photo of an installation (2 iron pipes, 1 19th century map of Asia, 1 crystal glass, 1 Hylotelephium telephium, water, sellotape)

This artwork is because I stopped being like a glass hanging on the void, thanks to the practice of multimedia art. Now that glass is full and has the strength to let my identity grow. The void has been replaced by a map (an orientation), fragile but unifying and able to sustain the glass. I was strongly inspired by Japanese culture and martial arts, where your strength is your enemy’s violence. Through martial arts and Japanese culture I became aware of my nonbinary identity and learned to keep it in balance despite the binarism I was raised with (the 2 pipes).

That’s why I wanted to Attain Stability In Awareness: the first letters of every word creates the word ASIA. It features an old map of Europe and pays homage to the same concept: working with maps as fundamentals of identity. Being yourself is the first form of heroism: both me & my partner have suffered from severe bullying as children.