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Reinvent Yourself
2021, 16” x 20”

If humanity means what a person feels about the human being , I am deeply attracted  by the evincing and digestion of the suffering—-For the things/persons/status we

should own/become/achieve—We suffer not only because of the causal fate also  from our own limitation as a human being

Noble feelings of a figure —“ Noble “means something that transcends beyond the  ordinary—the falseness, defectiveness , absurdness , something that cannot overcome  its gravity —While Being noble means our potentiality of transforming it —-into  something more intelligent and kind—the things leads to the True, Beauty Eternal 

The fragility of being a woman—-Being fragile means inviting others into your life by  risking being hurt —It also means courage and possibility —One should respect a  woman because of her determinate nature of representing the most beautiful part of  Humanity 

Humanity, the Suffering and the Possibility of being a human being are the one of  the main reasons why I paint .