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The Warrior Within
2021, 25.89” x 30.94”
Digital Collage

We Asians differ from others due to the upbringings and the traditions instilled into us since childbirth. We are told to rely on ourselves and so we strive for the best with our own capabilities. Also, often we are brainwashed with the conception that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. This can be traced back to the time where a peasant had to travel far to the city to sit for the examination, just to be an officer in the imperial palace. This type of mindset is engraved into our very soul till today. Therefore we try our best to venture out from our motherland and try to set our roots elsewhere, hoping for better days and a chance of survival. Due to the culture and heritage instilled within us, whenever we face any adversary, we either seek wisdom and guidance from higher beings or we look within, unleashing the warrior that resides within us. The digital collage portrays several statues that we pay homage to, focusing on an image of an Asian conjuring fire, right in the middle. This is who Asians are, our fighting spirits never falter. We may be portrayed as polite and humble, but there’s a fire breathing dragon slumbering within us, awaiting to awaken by the slightest turmoil around us.